Wereldhave Belgium presents new name & logo reveal

Corporate update
28 September 2022, 12:00 AM CEST

Thursday 6 October - reveal of new name and logo at 10pm

On Thursday, October 6, we will unveil the new name & logo for Overpoort Shopping, which will form a better link between Lindert Steegen's art project and Overpoort Shopping.

Wereldhave Belgium treats students to a unique show & drinks, with an afterparty at the Pallieter (across the street).

Everyone is welcome at Overpoortstraat 49a in Ghent at 10pm.

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More info on the art project Lindert Steegen:

Rebranding Overpoort Shopping provides visual boost to Overpoort district

Inner-city shopping centre Overpoort Shopping is located at 49a Overpoortstraat. Having been transformed into commercial premises, UGent’s former university canteen now houses retail units, a fitness centre and a selection of restaurants. The site is currently owned and operated by Wereldhave Belgium.
To literally highlight the rebranding of Overpoort Shopping, Wereldhave Belgium collaborated with street artist Lindert Steegen. He created a colourful work of art that gives the building's new identity an extra boost. Lindert is no stranger to Ghent. Having attended the city’s Luca School of Arts, the artist stayed put when the time came to set up his own studio.

‘Outside the lines’

The artwork 'Buiten de Lijnen' is a 300m² size painting that creates a connection between the city centre and museum quarter of Ghent. With the artwork’s use of some 15 colours, it is set to become one of the city’s unmissable highlights.

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