Mission and strategy

Mission: focus on shopping centres and retail parks

Wereldhave Belgium wants to be a professional investor in and lessor of real estate, focusing on investments in and the expansion of shopping centres and retail parks in Belgium and Luxembourg. That is how Wereldhave Belgium offers an appealing and structural return on investment with a low risk profile on its overall real estate portfolio. 

Strategy: value creation and risk spreading

Wereldhave Belgium aims for a stable growth of the direct result and of the dividend. Precisely for that reason, it is crucial to create value and to spread the risk. The risks associated with investments are distributed across several regions. Value is created for shareholders via:

  • Rental growth thanks to the active management of shopping centres
  • The (re)development of shopping centres for its own portfolio
  • Acquisition of retail real estate assets meeting the quality criteria

Active management of shopping centres

Wereldhave Belgium invests in shopping centres and retail parks that are prominent in their catchment area. Via active management and internal know-how, the RREC strengthens the investment properties market position, intended to increase the footfall, the retailers' turnover and the rental income. The RREC also invests in the appeal, quality and sustainability of its shopping centres and retail parks, with the aim of strengthening their attractiveness in the long term, as well as the possibility of adding new functions in order to evolve to a Full Service Center. Due to the high occupancy level, this contributes to the sustainability of the results.

Own development

Developing high-quality real estate for its own portfolio and at its own cost is the second pillar of value creation. Realising projects under its own management enables the RREC to attune the quality optimally to the user requirements and to adjust the timing of investments in line with the market situation.