Wereldhave Belgium has the status of a public regulated real estate company (public RREC). What does it mean?
Professional reliability required from the directors; annual valuation and quarterly update of the real estate portfolio by an independent real estate expert; quarterly reporting; distribution of the investment risk; no corporation tax on the profits; the withholding tax is 30%; maximum allowable debt ratio in relation to the assets of the RREC is 65%; annual dividend payment of at least 80% of the direct result; no tax levy on the added value of the real estate if it is paid out or reinvested within four years.

Where are the Wereldhave shares traded?
The Wereldhave Belgium shares are traded on the Euronext stock market in Brussels.

When is the dividend paid out?
The annual general meeting of shareholders of 12 April 2017 decided to award a gross dividend of € 5.10 (€ 3.57 net) per share. The dividends can be collected fromThursday, 20 April 2017, against submission of coupon no. 21, at the counters of BNP Paribas Fortis.

How are the buildings valued?
Investment properties are valued at fair value. The fair value is based on the market rent reduced by the standard operating costs. The standard transaction costs (2.5%) are deducted from this value.

What are the obligations of the RREC in relation to the valuation of the buildings?
To get the value of the real estate portfolio on 31 December established annually by an independent real estate expert. To get the value of the real estate portfolio updated every three months.

What is the investment policy of Wereldhave Belgium?
Wereldhave Belgium wants to be a professional real estate investor and a lessor. For future investments, priority will be given to investments in and/or expansions of shopping centres. That is how Wereldhave Belgium wishes to offer an attracting investment return combined with a low risk profile of its total real estate portfolio.