Working for Wereldhave Belgium

"Support better everyday life" perfectly captures the ultimate objective of our shopping centres. It also indicates the main outlines of our HR values and our corporate values in relation to our stakeholders.

We believe that by organising a meaningful customer journey and experience in our shopping centres, we can create a total experience that transcends shopping, with fully integrated catering facilities, creches and first-class facilities. 'Support better everyday life' drives the footfall, the rental income and ultimately the value of our shopping centres.  

'Support better everyday life' is supported by three pillars:

1. Our shopping centres:
We are continuously working to improve our centres. Naturally, the shopping centres must be sustainable; we focus on shopping centres with a BREEAM rating of 'good' and above. Even more important is that our centres provide a healthy blend of convenience and a pleasant shopping experience. A shopping centre must not only be a place to shop: it is also a place you visit to meet up with your friends for a cup of coffee or lunch. The centres must be easily accessible and preferably have free parking.

2. Our dedicated employees:
Our core values in our business activities are ambition, entrepreneurship, team work and transparency. Translated into HR values, this means we are looking for people who are prepared to go the extra mile (with ambition) and who have a proactive attitude (entrepreneurship). Investing in property has changed over the years. From being an ordinary landlord who used to collect the rent, property owners are now responsible for trying to attract visitors to the centres and to get lessees to commit. This requires team work between the departments responsible for leasing, finance, construction and development. Managing a shopping centre is comparable to managing a large supermarket. Integrity is the basic principle for all our business decisions and activities, anywhere in the world. Transparency and integrity are inextricably linked to each other.

3. Our loyal partners, the retailers:
We treat retailers as our business partners. Every retailer has one contact person: their account manager, who maintains regular contact with the lessee, usually twice a month, in order to discuss the retail strategy and anticipated market developments. In addition, also to provide information about our plans for the centres, in which the retailer is our partner. We collaborate with retailers to improve the appeal of our centres and we keep in close contact to closely follow their plans for expansion. It enables us to give our retailers the 'red carpet' treatment that they deserve and to be extremely efficient, purposeful and customer-oriented.

  • Entrepreneurial
  • Customer inspired
  • Connected
  • Responsible