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Wereldhave N.V. | 2,940,763 shares | 33.09%
Wereldhave International N.V.| 2,938,305 shares | 33.07%
Free float | 3,006,933 shares | 33.84%



In the press release of 7 February 2023, the Company announced that for the year 2023 it expected to achieve a net result from core activities between € 4.85 and € 4.95 per share. Per press releases of 20 April 2023 and 20 July 2023, the Company maintained this indication. However, due to a confluence of circumstances, including a significant increase in interest expenses on financing, an increase in provisions for doubtful debts (mainly in the office portfolio) and the uncollectability of certain charges in the office portfolio, the Board of Directors decided to lower the forecast for the net result from core activities per share to         € 4.70 - € 4.80 for the year 2023.

As the uncertainties arising from the international context (high interest rates, increased energy prices, inflation, etc.) still apply and may impact the development of the economic activity in general and that of the Company's tenants in particular, the Company assumes that this range should still be viewed with caution.

However, the Company will keep the market informed of the evolution of the situation and the impact that the evolution of the above circumstances would have on this indication of result.

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€ 55.2 million


4,70 - 4,80 € per share

Direct result 2023


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