Ethics & values

The main norms and standards of Werelhave Belgium are:

Wereldhave Belgium operates its business in an open and honest way, based on integrity and trust.

  • We uphold the law and we operate in accordance with high ethical standards. We also expect this from our partners, contractors and suppliers.
  • Both Wereldhave Belgium and its employees are prohibited from paying or receiving any bribes or other inappropriate benefits.
  • All company funds, assets and liabilities are recorded in accordance with the company's relevant accounting procedures.
  • Wereldhave Belgium operates in accordance with generally accepted corporate governance principles. Every quarter, we provide reliable information about our activities and financial situation.
  • Wereldhave Belgium's decision-making prioritises its own interests, because it is entirely independent and free from any arrangements or agreements with any competitor.
  • Human rights are respected in all its activities.

Further information can be found in the code of ethics and the business integrity policy that all our employees have committed to.