Corporate Governance

Wereldhave Belgium attaches great value to striking a balance between the interests of the provider of risk-bearing assets and those of the other stakeholders in the company. Befitting in this context are openness, an adequate, future-oriented provision of information and corporate ethics. The corporate ethics are embedded in the attachments to the Corporate Governance Charter of Wereldhave Belgium.

Corporate Governance Charter of Wereldhave Belgium. (in dutch)

Wereldhave Belgium aims to apply the 2009 Belgian Corporate Governance Code 2020 consistently, in full. The code can be consulted free of charge on the website of the corporate governance committee

Complaints in relation to financial reporting, internal risk management, control systems and the audit must be lodged with the Company Secretary, who will inform the operating company's board of directors. The secretary is responsible for registering complaints. He will confirm receipt of the complaint to the complainant and indicate the term within which a decision is anticipated to be made regarding the complaint. The operating company's board of directors will inform the complainant of the decision made within 12 weeks from receiving the complaint.