Since 2013, the Wereldhave group has been actively monitoring and communicating to make its portfolio more sustainable, to raise awareness within the company and to involve its stakeholders.

In these five years, expertise was built up and shared between the different countries. Today the Wereldhave Group is recognised as one of the leaders in the real estate sector: included in the DJSI Europe and Enlarged World indices with a score of 77/100 (2016: 73/100), GRESB Green Star with a score of 82/100 (2016: 82/100). Wereldhave also received the EPRA Gold Award for its Financial & Sustainability Report 2016.
The CSR report has been integrated into the annual report since last year. For the second year in a row, Wereldhave Belgium was honoured with an EPRA Gold award.

Since 2015, a sustainability manager has been appointed for Belgium in order to help co-ordinate the four pillars: Bricks, People, Partners and Society.

Our Pillars

Our sustainability framework has four pillars. These pillars are the basis for the new CSR strategy. Each pillar has a strategic approach affecting the Wereldhave organisation, the portfolio, the collaboration with partners and the contribution to the environment.