Remco Langewouters

Group Controller

Remco Langewouters (40), WTC Schiphol Toren A, Schiphol Boulevard 233, 1118 BH Schiphol, is an experienced financial expert with international experience in financial reporting, risk management and internal auditing. Remco has been a director of Wereldhave Belgium since September 2, 2020, appointed for a term of four years.

He is also Group Controller within Wereldhave Management Holding BV, a 100% subsidiary of the major shareholder, the Wereldhave Belgium company.


Remco has been a chartered accountant since 2010. After earning his Masters in Economics and Business at Tilburg University in 2005, Remco started as an accountant at PwC Netherlands and later in the United States.

In his nearly ten years at PwC, Remco worked for listed and private equity companies with a focus on the international real estate sector. From 2014 to 2016, he worked as Senior Finance Manager for Angelo, Gordon Netherlands BV, a 100% subsidiary of the US-based investment manager Angelo, Gordon & Co., LP.

In the following two years, he worked as Finance Manager for Ventolines BV, an asset manager with a focus on renewable energy projects.