Belgium: Gent

Gent Overpoort

  • Overview

    Sector: Retail and student housing
    Type: Redevelopment/Extension
    Size: 8,150 m²

  • Status

    The concept behind the development of 'Forum Overpoort' includes the development of shops, services and catering functions specifically targeted at university and college students as well as 119 new student homes and its facilities. There is also a studio for a concierge, who guarantees a permanence/sustainability in the student residence. In the same building both programs will function autonomously. The former student restaurant will be completely stripped. This part will host the new commercial functions. Behind and on the existing volume, the project will be extended and will provide student rooms, supplemented with community facilities (ca. 4,450 m²). The commercial part with its associated catering and leisure activities includes approximately 3,700 m² of rentable commercial space. Construction works started in August 2012.

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